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La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization. The Leaders are grateful to the businesses, organizations, and churches that offer us space for our meetings, though LLL is not affiliated with any organization or religion. All women interested in breastfeeding, especially pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are welcome at our meetings.

Meeting Topics

Our monthly meetings rotate through a series of four topics, although mothers are welcome to bring any question or concern to any meeting.

  • The advantages of breastfeeding: Mothers are amazed to hear about the many remarkable qualities of human milk, their bodies fantastic ability to produce milk as well as the positive impact breastfeeding has on families, the environment and society.
  • Adjusting to life with a new baby: This meeting focuses on the first six weeks and offers tips to make the transition into being a family as smooth as possible.
  • Overcoming difficulties: Leaders and mothers have excellent ideas to help mothers overcome roadblocks that may impede breastfeeding progress.
  • Nutrition and weaning: Pregnant women enjoy this topic so they can optimize their unborn baby’s health. Mothers learn how to start solids for their babies. Nutritious options for family meals are shared.

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Leader Information

La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have breastfed their own babies and who have been trained and accredited by La Leche League International to help mothers and mothers-to-be with all aspects of breastfeeding. They are available by phone whenever you have breastfeeding questions or concerns (even in the middle of the night!). You can find leader names and telephone numbers in the map above or on individual group pages linked at right.

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